Fate/Kaleid Movie: Emiya VS Angelica (SNOW Unlimited Blades Works)

It’s a good movie, as a faithful Manga Reader, I really appreciate it animated, not asking for the best, because Silver Link is not so good when it comes to fight scenes (except illya(Kuro installed) Vs Saber Alter). So at least his Story plot ang GAR-ness still give me Chill down my spine. Protect Miyu~! Alot of feels when it comes to Miyu and Sakura, Story remains faithful 10/10, characterization, emotion was all very good, Fate/Zero Masters fights was rushed but appreciate it at least extra fight scenes, and the fight against Proto Arthur(Darius) was ok, I would highly recommend Read the the Manga. EXCALIBUR was more epic in the Manga. Honestly they could have made this Shirou Flashback Arc a New season just for him and Miyu, would be good. And Yeah He is stronger than Heaven’s Feel Shirou. From what I can tell Kiritsugu must have taught him proper magecraft of Tracing, if not he would have die when creating Divine Structure. I will honestly rate it 9/10 if done without rush and properly, it could have beat Heaven’s Feel Trilogy. And so there we have it the Most Gar Emiya(excluding FGO “Emiya” Muramasa), and I hope everyone would at least appreciate the good story, the idealism twist, where Julian(Fate/Apo Sieg) is the version of Shirou walking down the Hero of Justice path, and now he is willing to be a villian, courage, mind break, losing his imouto, his Kouhai, best friend Betrayal…. This man I RESPECT. Protect imouto until the end. Watch out Lolicons he will come after you. Love Miyu, don’t Bully her. This is RandyAlter Thanks for watching and reading until the end, Good luck in your Gachas~!


Posted by MITSU888